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Moskitofree Family is a non-toxic repellent that is totally safe and respects the environment and the food chain. Moskitofree Family has an ergonomic design that works independently and silently and is effective indoor for a maximum area of 15 m², sufficient to protect a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen… Moskitofree has been tested and validated in laboratory. The battery has been tested according to EU Directive  2013/56/EU.

• CE / EMC / REACH / RoHS Certified
• Rechargeable – USB/USB micro cable
• Autonomy – 72 hours
• Charge time – 4 hours
• Works indoor

The device must be placed on a table or at a man’s height for optimal protection. The unit should be placed in a draft free area or in the centre of the room. The device can operate in alternate mode (5mins/on and 5mins/off for 5 days protection) and in continuous mode (8 hours / day for 3 days protection). The total recharge time per USB port is 4 hours.

Place the unit in the centre of the area to be protected. Do not place near a heat source. Do not leave under the rain. Do not put under water. Clean with a dry cloth.