People are going crazy about Moskitofree!
Hear what they have to say about it!

“I have been using the Moskitofree Forever and absolutely love it.
The mozzies in Rockhampton are shocking up here at dusk and in the evening.
13 cases of confirmed dengue fever have been reported in Rockhampton this year, which is really scary.
I wear the Forever when I am watering the garden late afternoon and I no longer get bitten. I can’t believe how well it works!
I’m so impressed with this mosquito repellent.
I was skeptical before using it, but not now.
Can’t recommend it highly enough.” 
- Helen Eade, Rockhampton QLD
“I bought a Moskitofree Forever, to take with me when I go fishing.
I was amazed that I didn't get bitten once.
This product really works, I was so impressed that I purchased the Moskitofree Family for my home.
I love the fact that it's chemical free and doesn’t effect the environment, also I never have to buy aerogard again!!!! 
I love the Moskitofree Forever!!!!! 
Fishing at it's best, the only bites I get now are on the end of my line!”
- Chris Eid, Labrador QLD
“I have been using the Moskitofree Family repellent for the last 4 months.
My family love it! Not only does it keep my children free from mosquitoes at home, it also protects us when we are travelling to tropical destinations overseas.
Its compact, travel friendly and effective.
Highly recommend trying out this product - IT WORKS!” 
- Kristy Thompson, Nerang QLD
“I use my Moskitofree family in my home and beauty salon. My daughter and I have allergies and this product works - with no harmful chemicals or sprays!! Very impressed!” 
- Blanche Baartz, Labrador QLD
“My MoskitoFree is great. As dusk settles here in Adelaide mossie's seem to come from everywhere, but now I just put the MoskitoFree around my neck and turn it on and ... voila! no mossies. Sooo easy to use and the charge lasts for ages. This is a really good solution ... and the bonus is I no longer have to spray put weird chemicals on my skin to fend of those damn mossies.”
- Chris Jennings, Redwood Park SA