We make you invisible to mosquitoes, without pesticides or chemicals.

Yale University's John Carlson team and Laurence Zwiebel from the University of Nashville have demonstrated that mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to the components of human odour, Co2 and heat and they specifically discovered that mosquitoes will identify their victim by using the odours.

Our technology is based on the principle of dielectric barrier discharges. A high electrical voltage is applied on a thin electrode which produces controlled dielectric barrier discharges. That creates a cold plasma of ions.

The anions and the free radicals thus produced annihilate the odours emitted by the human beings and come to disturb the olfactory organs of the mosquitos and disorient them. Human beings are then no longer a target for mosquitoes and they are really protected from stings, without chemicals or pesticides.

In order to validate and verify the effectiveness of our technology, we conducted a series of tests at the Pasteur Institute in Casablanca. The « cage » test has been used. This test has been defined by the World Health Organisation and is the reference to measure the effectiveness of mosquito repellents. Tests were also carried out in natural environments with many users. We have verified and validated the effectiveness of our technology as an innovative safe protection against mosquitoes.




Our technology makes you invisible to mosquitoes without pesticides or insecticides

Unlike many other existing mosquito control methods, our technology uses no consumables and does not generate chemical residues.Our technology makes you invisible to mosquitoes, while at the same time being harmless to you and the ecosystem.

Many tests have also been conducted in the wild.
We have also verified and validated the effectiveness of our technology as innovative and safe mosquito protection, without chemicals or pesticides.